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Sarasota's Best Hair Salon - Shine Hair Design Studio

Sarasota's Best Hair Salon: Shine Hair Design Studio

Looking to get your hair colored and styled to perfection? Visit Sarasota's best hair salon, Shine Hair Design Studio. At our professional salon, we strive to leave our clients feeling satisfied with their new look. We want our clients to leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful after getting their hair colored, cut, or even styled by one of our experienced stylists. Our team of experts is ready to cater to your hair care wants and needs.

Change Your Color

Looking to go lighter or darker? We have got you covered. Our full-service salon will gladly help you change your hair to achieve the look you are going for, whether you want something natural to cover your grey roots or are looking for more of a dramatic change. We provide corrective color, double process, highlights,  balayage color, and more. If you have some hair ideas that you are interested in, show us what you want to have done and we will go over the steps we will need to take to help you achieve that color.

Get a Trim or a Drastic Cut

Whether you want to trim off some dead ends or chop off several inches, our stylists are prepared to give you the most amazing haircut. You will leave the salon with hair that is vibrant, voluminous, and naturally full of life, whether you want layers, a pixie cut, or even a blunt cut. 

Enjoy a Beautiful Style

Aside from our color and cutting services, we are available to style your hair. It does not matter if you have long or short hair because we know how to achieve tons of beautiful styles that are sure to impress. You can have your curled, straightened, blown out, or even put in an elegant updo that leaves you feeling like you are truly one of a kind.

Come visit Sarsota's best hair salon, Shine Hair Design Studio. Our team of experts is waiting for you to schedule your appointment today.

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