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Hair Styling Sarasota - Shine Hair Design Studio

We’ve all envied someone’s hair at least a couple of times, it doesn’t matter which type of hair we got thanks to our genetics. At Shine Hair Design Studio we specialize in Hair Styling Sarasota, and one thing we’ve learned from all of our years of service is that having beautiful hair takes a lot of work, and we don’t mean going to the salon all the time.


Of course you can change your hair anytime you want, but with drastic changes comes damage, and ultimately the key of having beautiful hair is to have healthy hair. That should be everyone’s priority with all aspects of your body and if you are looking for a Hair Styling Sarasota Salon that cares deeply for the health of its customers, Shine Hair Design Studio is the right choice for you.


Each and everyone of the products and equipment that we use at our Studio are top of the line and our experienced stylists know exactly how to use them to achieve what their customers want causing the less damage possible. However, in this particular blog we would like to share with you our knowledge so you can start making your hair healthier at home. We also want you to know all about the habits you should have to guarantee a lasting stunning hair.


Eat healthy. This is essential to preserve your hair and to maintain it in perfect shape. Fruits that provide Vitamin C, sources of Zinc, Iron and fiber like Oatmeal, or proteins found in Greek Yogurt are very helpful and if you don’t have them in you regular menu, you should start having them right now!


Heat and UV rays are your main enemies. Hot water, irons and blow dryers can be very harmful, but nothing that a little cooling can’t solve. A little bit of cold or natural water in your hair after a hot shower will do wonders, and airing your hair with the cold-shot button of your blow dryer instead of hot air. Using hats and sunscreen for your hair whenever you go out in the sun will prevent your hair and scalp from dehydrating and burning. It’s essential that you hydrate your hair with oils or special products weekly.


Get regular haircuts. Your hair will inevitably start to fade, dry and break at the ends with time, that’s why everyone (men and women) shouldn’t spend more than 8 weeks without cutting at least the damaged ends. A little trimming will help your hair grow quickly and healthier.


Give your hair a break every once in a while. Many of us are used to heavy treatments like regular coloring, smoothing and straightening, and jeopardize our hair. Letting your hair and scalp rest during the weekends at least will help them regain their strength. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with going natural every now and then.


Release the tension. Using tight ponytails or buns all day will hurt the follicles on your head making your hair more vulnerable to everything that’s harmful for it. Let your hair down at least while you are home and let the gravity works its magic by itself.


Final tips. Dry your wet hair with old cotton shirts instead of a towel. Skip a day and don’t wash your hair to let your natural oils do their thing. Go to sleep after a shower and let your hair air-dry in simple braids will help you out with the frizz and give you natural and pretty waves.

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