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Nail Salon Sarasota - Shine Hair Design Studio

Believe it or not, it is possible to stand out with just a beautiful manicure; and if you are looking for a Nail Salon Sarasota, you should definitely pay us a visit! At Shine Hair Design Studio we specialize in natural nails with option of shellac application and Gel nail enhancements.


Just like with clothing and hairstyle, nail trends change subtly season to season and it’s always fun to look for a new manicure to complement our outfits, our lifestyle and our general looks. That’s why we are also a Nail Salon Sarasota, because we like to pamper our customers from head to toe!


Nail trends aren’t hard to spot because they usually are defined by designers when they launch new collections every year in different Fashion Weeks around the world. Our Nail Specialists work very hard to stay ahead of this trends and because of that, we are proudly one of the bests Nail Salons in the region.


Now we would like to talk a little bit about the trends we’ve witnessed recently and the ones that we believe are going to take over soon. Going from the simplest to the most elaborated ones, let’s start by mentioning that short natural nails have been at the top of our client’s requests for the past few months. This modest and elegant trend is quite easy to maintain and its simplicity makes it work with pretty much anything you wear and it matches every lifestyle.


After a long run of uncomfortably long nail trends, medium lengths are finally in. Both ovals and square tips dominated the runways this 2018 and women all around the world are loving it. With the difference that nails with square tips are more commonly used to create unique designs contrasting colors, lines and shapes.


Dark winter tones look amazing matching smokey eyes and lipstick or contrasting pale lips and light color eyes. This trend is another winner of this year and it’s strong enough to hold for another season at least. This so-called moody tones go from black and lead to deep purple, chocolate cherry, burgundy and dark olive.


Amazingly enough, currently both ends of the shine spectrum are trendy. Matte colors (specially blue, pink and different hues of brown) with short-length and medium-length nails for one side, and on the other the always dazzling glossy nails mixing metallic tones, looking almost wet thanks to the clarity and brightness of the shine.


Glitter nails trends skip a couple of seasons or maybe a couple of years but they keep coming back every now and then. Younger women chose this style for a more juvenile look with pink, purple or yellow, but neutral colors also complete chic and feminine outfits beautifully. On the other hand, a timeless classic that keeps finding its way into fashion weeks every year is the color red. Combined with any of the trends mentioned before, discovering new shades of red and trying them with different styles is always a personal challenge for designers and fashionistas and for seasons to come this classic will definitely keep a spotlight for itself.

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