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Hair Services Sarasota - Shine Hair Design Studio

One thing that makes us pretty happy and proud is that most of our clients are regulars and heard about us from a friend, a relative or a co-worker who convinced them to come and try not just our Hair Services Sarasota, but everything else that we offer like full skin care services and nail salon services.


All of our team members are professionals in their respective areas and with their experience you can be sure that all your beauty-related needs will be covered. Just give us an hour of your time and leave our Studio feeling and looking phenomenal.


Now the year is almost over, we like to take a moment to make a summary of everything that we learned throughout the year, all the trends that began or fade away, and what’s going to stick around for a while longer!


Fashion magazines and events, celebrities galas and award ceremonies are always a good reference to learn about new trends, but nothing compares to the experience of dealing with hundreds of clients a month to actually witness what’s in and what’s not. S0,  let’s make a quick summary of the haircuts and hairstyles that rocked this 2018.


One item that kept popping up requested by our clientele were bows. As simple as it sounds, bows of all sizes used with different hairstyles is a trend that its gaining some ground and for the next season we expect to see it plenty more.


The 80s keep coming back and this time is all about having fun and being creative with a fringe or going crazy with curls and perms. We don’t recommend playing around with your bangs by yourself because you could end up looking not so good, but in the hands of our stylist you can trust and dare to try out the “baby fringe” for a fresh look.


Braids are beautiful and versatile, combined with a bow or a ribbon with a ponytail you’ll catch the eye of many in any occasion that you decide to try it. Speaking of ponytails, they’ve been a regular request from our customers, and it goes so well on women of all ages! High retro ponytails with volume in the back or sleek low ones for glamorous outfits on a special occasion.


Donuts are done, replaced now with ballerina buns slicked back. This particular hairstyle was one of the favorites for brides and bridesmaids this 2018, adding different touches like braids or a little shiny decor. Unlike donuts, the beachy waves trend for an everyday look will last for a long time as it becomes more and more popular. Add some glossiness to those waves and a simple everyday look will work flawlessly for any type of formal event as well. If that’s not enough on wavy hairstyles, one of this year’s favorites were the wet-look waves. With a little bit of oil to create the perfect amount of wetness and just enough wax to seal it it and make it shine and last for an entire evening.


There are so many new things to try that making the final decision is really hard. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, make your appointment at Shine Hair Design Studio and let our Master Stylists guide you!

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