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Sarasota Nail Salons - Shine Hair Design Studio

“Health is beauty” is one of our mottos and we give our best every day to make it true. At Shine Hair Design Studio we believe in inner beauty and our team members are experts on bringing it out of everyone who comes through our doors. Giving a stunning new hairstyle to our clients is great and fulfilling, but helping them get healthy and beautiful nails is just as important to us, that’s why we’ve become one of the best Sarasota Nail Salons in the region.


Our Nail Specialist aren’t just going to give you a perfect manicure, they are also going to help you regain your nail’s strength and health thanks to the techniques and products they use. However, it’s important that you make your effort at home too trying your best to have this simple habits that we are going to mention next!


There might be some people who seem to have perfectly healthy nails without too much effort, but truth is that they probably have certain habits that help them out without even knowing. Your diet is a very important factor that affects everything in your body, including nails, hair, and skin.


If you feel like your nails are weakening in any way, it possibly means that you have a nutrient deficiency in your daily diet. Eating protein is always important, but that’s not the only nutrient your nails need. Milk and dairy products in low quantities are a great source of protein and calcium of course, both important in your everyday diet, but they also have zinc and vitamin B12, which are ideal to make your weakened nails stronger. Chiken, fish and eggs should be in the diet of anyone with the hopes of having healthy nails. Also fruits, legumes and vegetables that contain vitamin C, folic acid, iron zinc and fibre are absolutely necessary. Supplements like biotin and collagen should be in your list of monthly groceries too.


Keep your hands clean and dirt-free. Use gloves more often, specially when it’s time to clean around the house, do the dishes, laundry and even cut off the grass. Trim your nails carefully and often with adequate tools, remembering to keep them clean (soap, water and alcohol should be enough). Leave your cuticles alone and get help from one of our professionals to cut them off. Cutting your cuticles the wrong way or making the slightest mistake can harm your digits pretty bad.


Be conscious about what products you buy. Some chemicals commonly seen in certain products like makeup, creams, and polish can be very harmful to you. Try to avoid formaldehyde and toluene as much as you can! Acrylic and gel manicures will slowly deteriorate your nails, that’s why you shouldn’t get them all the time. It’s important that you give your nails a break every now and then so they have time to recover from any harsh procedure.


Moisturize and hydrate your nails with almond oil before going to bed. This will keep your cuticles and nails in perfect shape if you do it regularly. Avoid acetone as much as you can! And for your feet (now that winter is here) remember to use 100% cotton socks.


If you have any doubts or questions you can come to our Studio anytime! Our Nail Specialists will gladly help you out!

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